Ackerman Story

Getting Started

I have been researching Ackerman genealogy for close to 20 years as well as some of you.  When I started out I ran into brick walls. This hasn’t changed except the brick walls seemed to move.  I am on Ancestry, My Heritage and Family Search as well as several other pages. Needless to say I do spend a lot of time doing research.  One goal I have is to try and put it all together and create our story. I am basing our story off of our One Hundred Eighteen Years of Akerman Life book. Some of you have this book but many others do not. Years ago I started to create a new Akerman Life book, I got busy with other things so that took a back seat. So maybe we can get something together on a New Ackerman Life book. This website is the beginning stages of said book. At least maybe we can have it here.

Ron Ackerman

Ackerman Story

Akerman Life Book Cover

As you see my cover is pretty worn and ragged. This book was published in 1952 after two other publications 1934 and 1935. 118 years from 1952  puts the year at 1834. It is now 2020 and we are able to go back even further. Of course it says “in Allen County Ohio and The Nation” So I expect the cousins were only worried about or had information beginning in 1834.  We will venture further back.

Ackerman Story

Inside Cover and First Page

Here is the inside cover and first page. Notice the original publication and revisions. 

Ackerman Story

Page Two

Here we have page 2 and is a bit confusing. We know the significance of the 1810 date. The 1810 date is the year William Akerman was born.  But what’s the significance of 1765? After lots of research we know that William’s father was John born in 1784 and recent discoveries we find his father Paul came to America in 1771. Now there were two Paul Ackerman’s in the area in the late 1700’s and it was hard to determine which one was our Paul. One Paul was born in 1750 and the other born in 1745 or 1755. That is still under research. However the 1750 Paul was Mennonite and according to my father our ancestors were Lutheran. And the 1745/55 Paul was Lutheran. This gives us another clue. Now this does not explain the 1765 date. Researching Nancy Baird I found a John Baird born in 1765.  This could be the reason for this date and I believe John Baird was Nancy’s father.

Now let’s look at the 118 years of Akerman Life cover, why 118 years? From the date the book was published, 1952, it places the year at 1834. Now they were going by Akerman’s in Allen County. William and Kaziah’s first child was born in 1834 which explains the date.

So some of the changes in the New Ackerman Life book will be to at least go back to Paul Ackerman (spelled this way on the ship). We’ll look at documents that proves that Paul is our ancestor.

Ackerman Story

John and Nancy

When the Ackerman Cousins first created the book they new little about John and Nancy.  However they do mention William had a brother John who spoke little English suggesting he was speaking German, why? From what we have found is that William did have a brother John.  However he was born two years after William which suggest he would have been speaking English. We also know his father John was second generation American being his father First generation Paul came to America in 1771. So I believe they got it wrong and it should be William’s father John spoke little English having been raised by Paul.

We are pretty sure that Nancy was a nickname for Anna or perhaps even a middle name. Many many women were named Anna and most went by their middle name.  Nancy was born in 1788 and was third generation. Current research show her father was John Baird and her grandfather as Thomas Baird or Beard.

John and Nancy had four children, Maria born in 1806, William born in 1810, John born in 1812 and Jane born in 1813. Since the book was published we have learned about the lines Maria, Jane and now learning about John Jr.

Maria was born 26 Dec 1806
William was born 17 Apr 1810
John was born 1812
Jane was born 13 Sep 1813

Ackerman Story

Paul and Anna Margaretha Ackerman

In a document Captain John Akerman son of William and Kaziah said that his great grandfather immigrated to America. That would be Paul Ackerman.

Paul Ackerman (arrived 1771)
      John Akerman (born 1784)
             William Ackerman (born 1810)
                    Capt John Akerman (born 1838)

In the Will for Paul Ackerman he mentions his first four children John, Paul, Margret, and Catherina. Then mentions his three youngest children George, Henry and Abraham. 

Paul passed away in 28 Oct 1804

Paul’s wife at the time of his death was Anna Margaretha Mengle or Mengel born in 1745. There are church records that indicate that they were married 18 Mar 1800. Anna Margaretha was previously married to Archibald Olewine.

New Info – Archibald Olewine passed away in 1789. Paul and Anna Margaretha may have been seeing each other in 1789  and had issue prior to getting married in 1800. It’s clear that Anna Maria was no longer in the picture as of 1789.  It’s unknown if Anna Maria passed away or they divorced?

This record shows A. Margaret as mother of Barbara. Is A. Margaret another name for Anna Maria or is it Anna Margaretha. Being that Paul and Anna Margaretha didn’t officially wed until 1800, I’m suspecting that this is Anna Maria.

Many have Paul married to Maria Sophia Stern or Gail. However my research indicates that this was the other Paul Ackerman who was Mennonite. The children don’t match up.

The First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA has Paul Ackerman Jr born issue of Paul and Anna Maria Ackerman. This also indicates Paul’s marriage to Anna Maria (last name unknown). I can find no record of their marriage, her birth or death.  They either divorced or she died prior to 1800.  

Ackerman Story

Interesting DNA Match

I have two DNA matches to Ackermann in Germany.  Paul Ackermann 1852 – 15 Sep 1915 and Ida Helene Anne Moldenhauer 29 Jun 1872.  Unfortunately they don’t have much genealogy information.

Ackerman Story

Paul Ackerman

Paul Ackerman born 1745* in presumably in Prussia (Germany) and traveled to America on Oct. 31, 1771 on the Brigantine Recovery, Bull, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. He settled in Cumberland County, PA.  This would make him *26 years old upon arrival in America.  Church records have him married to Anna Maria when Paul Jr was baptized in 1785. Paul married Anna Margaretha Mengle in 1800.  Paul died in 1804.

John Ackerman 1784 – 1854
Paul Ackerman Jr 1785 – 1877
Catherina Ackerman 1786 – 1879
Margret Ackerman 1785
George Ackerman 1794
Henry Ackerman 1797
Abraham Ackerman 1801

* Date estimated

It appears that Paul was an indentured servant upon his arrival to the United States. Many Germans had to work off their trip to the New World with their trip being paid for by prominant people of the area.

As you see he is listed as Paulus Acramon and is listed on the ship’s document as Paul Ackerman. The cost of the trip was £21.13 and he had to work for three years, six months. upon completion he would receive 2 suits one of which would be new.  

It is unkown what Paul did after his indenture but at some point he met Anna Maria.

Ackerman Story

Paul Ackerman’s Children

John and Paul Jr.
I’m pretty sure about John and Paul Jr. being from Paul’s first wife Anna Maria. I still haven’t found any information on Anna Maria except she is mentioned in Church records, “First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA” as being Paul’s first wife.

Catherine and Margret
As for Catherine and Margret (or Margaret), it’s likely that they both are daughters of Paul and Anna Maria although many have them issue with Anna Margaretha (Mengle) Olewine. Olewine was Anna Margaretha Mengle’s married name. I believe both are issue with Paul and Anna Maria as Paul names them along with John and Paul Jr in his Will as his four oldest children. So maybe we can verify this with DNA.

Note: I’m thinking that Catherine and Catherina are two different people.

George #1 and Catherina
I believe that George is definitely Olewine per Lutheran Church records indicated via his death record . Trinity Lutheran Church records have Catherina as daughter of Archibald and Anna Margaretha Olewine.

Henry and Abraham
Henry and Abraham along with George are mentioned in Paul’s Will as his three youngest children. Church marriage records indicate that Paul and Anna Margaretha didn’t marry until 1800. Abraham was born in 1801 after Paul and Anna were legally married. So the question what happened to Anna Maria?

George #2 Ackerman
George is listed in Paul’s will as one of this three youngest children. George, Henry and Abraham.

Note: Since Paul separated his older children from the younger children in his Will, it is my belief that it was because they were from the two different marriages. Also Paul was 55 when he married Anna Margaretha and died 4 years later in 1804.

Ackerman Story

John Ackerman

First child of Paul and Anna Maria was born 07 July 1784 in Harrisburg, Lancaster now Dauphine, Pennsylvania. John married Anna Nancy Baird. John died in 1854 in Morgan County ,Ohio.

I also have him as John Ackermann and John Henry Ackerman Sr.

Anna “Nancy” Baird was born possibly in 1788. I have her parents as John Bird and Rachael Beard. Nancy died about 1854 in Morgan County ,Ohio.

John and Nancy migrated to Morgan County, Ohio around 1815.

John and Nancy Ackerman
Maria Ackerman – 26 Dec 1806  Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA
William Ackerman – 17 Apr 1810 Harrisburg, Cumberland, PA
John Ackerman – 1812 Harrisburg, Cumberland, PA
Ackerman – 13 Sep 1813 Harrisburg, Cumberland PA

Ackerman Family