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Lititia Beach

Lititia was married to Andrew Carroll. There was a lot of inconsistencies with Lititia and Andrew and it seemed that nobody could agree. For instance, some had Beach, some had Beech and some had Gorman. For Andrew some had Carroll, some had Carrol, Carol, Carole and others. One document has Carvel or something like that. There are differences as to when Latitia was born and where. Some say Allen County Ohio even though Ohio wasn’t even a state let alone Allen County didn’t exist. I even had her born in Morgan County and I don’t think that existed yet. Some had her born in PA, some NY and some in Connecticut. Aside from that, there were some that had her parents born and died in Connecticut yet she was born in another location. I know it can happen. Including her getting married in Pennsylvania. Needless to say it made researching her difficult.

If you read my earlier post about DNA, I mentioned to tread lightly on DNA matches with less than 20 Cm. However I know Latitia would be a low score match so when I searched for matches for Beach I went to those around 10 Cm. Again I treaded lightly but found some success.

A note on the DNA search for a name in matches. It will show all who have that name in their tree. It may be one instance or a lot of instances. It doesn’t necessarily mean you share Beach DNA but it does mean you and the match share some DNA. They may not have any Beach DNA but still match your DNA in general.

After going through about 30+ individual matches. I found someone with what Ancestry calls ThruLines. Meaning you and your match can trace your lines back to a common ancestor. In this case we both traced Abijah Beach. This told me I was on the right track even though I discarded Abijah because of location. I have since discovered quite a few ThruLines matches. The trick here with the ThruLines is getting it back far enough.

I now have some documentation to go through and possibly search for other documentation.

Here is some info for you.

As you see, there are more hints to view.

Here is what I have so far, of course subject to change.

Latitia was 1 of 8 children born in Bridgewater Connecticut to Abijah and Abigail Beach.

Albert 1793 – 1873
Lucy Ann – 1795
Letitia – 1798
Issac Closson – 1802 – 1873
Elijah – 1804 – 1833
Emily – 1809 – 1858
Elizabeth – 1804
Laura Antonette

Lititia’s husband is Andrew Carroll and at first I didn’t know why so many people had Lititia as Gorman. Then it hit me. Andrew may have been married to two Latitia’s. There were issue of five girls. Why different spellings of Carroll? I have no idea.

Margaret Carrolle – 1808 – 1842
Keziah B. Carroll – 1814 – 1887
Margaret Carroll – 1816
Sabina Carle – 1818 – 1831
Ruth Carle – 1820 – 1875

Looking at the birth date of the first Margaret Carrolle, we see she was born in 1808. However, Latitia Beach was born in 1798 which would make here just 10 years old when Margaret was born which is unlikely.

Looking at Latitia Gorman she was born in 1786 which would make her 22 when Margaret was born, which is more likely.

Kaziah was born in 1814, Latitia Beach would have been 18. This may explain why she got the middle name of Beach.

Andrew Carroll

My thinking is that Andrew Carroll and Abijah Beach were both military men and possibly new each other. Which may explain why they settled in different locations and how Andrew met Letitia since they we’re not is the same location.

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