Ackerman Story

Paul Ackerman’s Children

John and Paul Jr.
I’m pretty sure about John and Paul Jr. being from Paul’s first wife Anna Maria. I still haven’t found any information on Anna Maria except she is mentioned in Church records, “First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA” as being Paul’s first wife.

Catherine and Margret
As for Catherine and Margret (or Margaret), it’s likely that they both are daughters of Paul and Anna Maria although many have them issue with Anna Margaretha (Mengle) Olewine. Olewine was Anna Margaretha Mengle’s married name. I believe both are issue with Paul and Anna Maria as Paul names them along with John and Paul Jr in his Will as his four oldest children. So maybe we can verify this with DNA.

Note: I’m thinking that Catherine and Catherina are two different people.

George #1 and Catherina
I believe that George is definitely Olewine per Lutheran Church records indicated via his death record . Trinity Lutheran Church records have Catherina as daughter of Archibald and Anna Margaretha Olewine.

Henry and Abraham
Henry and Abraham along with George are mentioned in Paul’s Will as his three youngest children. Church marriage records indicate that Paul and Anna Margaretha didn’t marry until 1800. Abraham was born in 1801 after Paul and Anna were legally married. So the question what happened to Anna Maria?

George #2 Ackerman
George is listed in Paul’s will as one of this three youngest children. George, Henry and Abraham.

Note: Since Paul separated his older children from the younger children in his Will, it is my belief that it was because they were from the two different marriages. Also Paul was 55 when he married Anna Margaretha and died 4 years later in 1804.

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