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Paul Ackerman

Paul Ackerman born 1745* in presumably in Prussia (Germany) and traveled to America on Oct. 31, 1771 on the Brigantine Recovery, Bull, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. He settled in Cumberland County, PA.  This would make him *26 years old upon arrival in America.  Church records have him married to Anna Maria when Paul Jr was baptized in 1785. Paul married Anna Margaretha Mengle in 1800.  Paul died in 1804.

John Ackerman 1784 – 1854
Paul Ackerman Jr 1785 – 1877
Catherina Ackerman 1786 – 1879
Margret Ackerman 1785
George Ackerman 1794
Henry Ackerman 1797
Abraham Ackerman 1801

* Date estimated

It appears that Paul was an indentured servant upon his arrival to the United States. Many Germans had to work off their trip to the New World with their trip being paid for by prominant people of the area.

As you see he is listed as Paulus Acramon and is listed on the ship’s document as Paul Ackerman. The cost of the trip was £21.13 and he had to work for three years, six months. upon completion he would receive 2 suits one of which would be new.  

It is unkown what Paul did after his indenture but at some point he met Anna Maria.

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