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Getting Started

I have been researching Ackerman genealogy for close to 20 years as well as some of you.  When I started out I ran into brick walls. This hasn’t changed except the brick walls seemed to move.  I am on Ancestry, My Heritage and Family Search as well as several other pages. Needless to say I do spend a lot of time doing research.  One goal I have is to try and put it all together and create our story. I am basing our story off of our One Hundred Eighteen Years of Akerman Life book. Some of you have this book but many others do not. Years ago I started to create a new Akerman Life book, I got busy with other things so that took a back seat. So maybe we can get something together on a New Ackerman Life book. This website is the beginning stages of said book. At least maybe we can have it here.

Ron Ackerman

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