Ackerman Story

Paul and Anna Margaretha Ackerman

In a document Captain John Akerman son of William and Kaziah said that his great grandfather immigrated to America. That would be Paul Ackerman.

Paul Ackerman (arrived 1771)
      John Akerman (born 1784)
             William Ackerman (born 1810)
                    Capt John Akerman (born 1838)

In the Will for Paul Ackerman he mentions his first four children John, Paul, Margret, and Catherina. Then mentions his three youngest children George, Henry and Abraham. 

Some have Barbara as a child of Paul, however Barbara is the wife of Paul Jr.  

Paul passed away in 28 Oct 1804

Paul’s wife at the time of his death was Anna Margarethia Mengle or Mengel born in 1745. There are church records that indicate that they were married in 18 Mar 1800. Anna Margaretha was previously married to Archibald Olewine.

Paul was also previously married possibly to Anna Maria last name unknown. 

Many have Paul married to Maria Sophia Stern or Gail. However my research indicates that this was the other Paul Ackerman who was Mennonite. The children don’t match up.

The First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster, PA has Paul Ackerman Jr born issue of Paul and Anna Maria Ackerman. This also indicates Paul’s previous marriage to Anna Maria (last name unknown). I can find no record of their marriage, her birth or death.  They either divorced or she died prior to 1800.  


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