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Here we have page 2 and is a bit confusing. We know the significance of the 1810 date. The 1810 date is the year William Akerman was born.  But what’s the significance of 1765? After lots of research we know that William’s father was John born in 1784 and recent discoveries we find his father Paul came to America in 1771. Now there were two Paul Ackerman’s in the area in the late 1700’s and it was hard to determine which one was our Paul. One Paul was born in 1750 and the other born in 1745 or 1755. That is still under research. However the 1750 Paul was Mennonite and according to my father our ancestors were Lutheran. And the 1745/55 Paul was Lutheran. This gives us another clue. Now this does not explain the 1765 date. Researching Nancy Baird I found a John Baird born in 1765.  This could be the reason for this date and I believe John Baird was Nancy’s father.

Now let’s look at the 118 years of Akerman Life cover, why 118 years? From the date the book was published, 1952, it places the year at 1834. Now they were going by Akerman’s in Allen County. William and Kaziah’s first child was born in 1834 which explains the date.

So some of the changes in the New Ackerman Life book will be to at least go back to Paul Ackerman (spelled this way on the ship). We’ll look at documents that proves that Paul is our ancestor.

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