Ackerman Story

Anna Nancy (Baird) Ackerman

In our documentation we only had Nancy Baird as John’s wife. Over the years of research we discovered that her name is Anna Nancy Baird. However near as I can tell she never went by Anna. 

In the birth record for Maria they list her as Anna.

There may be some controversy on whether she is Baird, Bird, Beard or Byrd. 

During the early years of me researching Nancy, my thinking was that they’re son William and Keziah may have named their child Samuel Baird Ackerman after Nancy’s father. I have since gone away from that assumption. However I do believe that there may be a Samuel Baird in her family. 

Now a bit about who I have as Nancy’s parents. John Baird and Rachael Beard. This is another guess on my part. I have no records to prove this. The only thing I have to support it is that she fits with time frame and I believe there was an unknow female child with that time frame. So right now this is assumed. 


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