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Barbara Ackerman

Discovered that Barbara in not a child of Paul Ackerman Sr but was the wife of Paul Ackerman Jr.  I have merged her with Barbara Dougherty which is listed as Paul’s wife.

Updated information: Anna Margaretha did have a child by the name of Barbara born 13 Jun 1789. And Paul Jr married a Barbara Daugherty who was born about 1890.  Now it’s likely that Anna’s daughter was not the daughter of Paul Sr. Anna’s first husband Archie Olewine died in 1789 the same year Barbara was born. I don’t yet have a date for Archie’s death but Barbara is surely his daughter.

Another note: I have found many who have Anna Margaretha or as they have her Margaret Olewine with her death as 1789. However, they do not have any documentation showing her death. Most likely because she didn’t die but married Paul in 1800 and had another child Abraham. I suspect that any children born prior to 1789 were with Paul and Anna Maria. I am still searching for more information about Anna Maria. I am sticking with Anna Maria and Anna Margaretha being two different people.

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